Main Monastery Church

The monastery temple, ‘Assumption of the Holy Virgin’, was built in 1604 on top of the archaeological remains of the old Bakuriani church. It was  three-konh krustokupolna (a dome on a cross) church.  The sizes are : 24.5/14.5m . Here, we must note the hard work of the monk brotherhood during the XVIIth century that managed to secure permission for building such a large temple from the Ottoman government. Among its beautiful features are white stone block organized in catenaries above the windows and richly decorated dome.
            The iconostasis, with gold-plated and coloured woodcarvings, is one of the oldest ones in Bulgaria and had been made in the beginning of the XVIIth century.
            The main fresco, which style is characteristic of the Bulgarian Enlightenment, dates back to the 1850 and is by the painter Mosko Velev. It covers a painting that is old than the church itself. An original piece can be found in the narthex. It had been finished in 1643 with the funds of wealthy tradesmen Georgi and his son Constantine, whose portraits in rich oriental clothes, decorate the wall on the right side of the inner central door.
            The rest of the walls are covered in life scenes of various early Christian martyrs and images of saints. The unknown author has left to us one of the most interesting examples of refinement art of the time. The aureoles are decorated with gold-plated roses. The image of Jesus Almighty on the dome reminds us of the secrecy of God incarnation and of the transiency of earthy life. In the temple’s nave, from the both sides of the central gate, are the graves of two famous high hirarch на БПЦ: the last exarch Stefan and the first patriarch of the third Bulgarian autocephalous church – Kiril.

Support us

The monastic fraternity constantly makes every endeavor to maintain the Cloister of the Holy Virgin at its best condition; this is the condition the cloister really deserves to be in, in order to welcome the thousands of pilgrims that visit it every year, truly beautifully and impress them.
The maintenance of the fund and the restoration of the many unique frescoes, inherited by the holy forefathers, could be quite costly and the monastery does not always manage to cover all the expenses. For this very reason, we turn for help to every Christian and to everyone who values the Bachkovo monastery, to contribute within their means and thus join our efforts.

Every charitable deed will be welcomed with honest gratitude and intercessory prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Mother for wellbeing and success of the contributor and their family.


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