What is a pilgrimage?
Pilgrimage is a journey of religious motives to a holy place.
Pilgrimage as a way for Christians is a spiritual attitude (out of the monotonous world beat) for a meeting with God - Jesus Christ the Savior with "the way and the truth and the life" (In 14: 6). It is not only usually travel, and more, it is a spiritual experience that leads to the realization of the beneficial encounter with God and His saints - saints. In this way, a primary goal, the content of which is done by going through the process of worship and the worship of God (in spirit and truth) and the veneration of saints - His true servants. As a natural consequence, Christians understand and accept communion with God in a way that is specific to the act of pilgrimage itself and as can be experienced communion only by pilgrimage. Pilgrimage involves visiting places that have special meaning for believers - holy places.
The idea of ​​pilgrimages is found in the Holy Scriptures, which were associated with specific occasions, periods and more. As Luke tells the Gospel (2: 41-44), the Lord Jesus Christ went to the holy city of Jerusalem for the great festival of Passover (the deliverance of the Jews from Egyptian slavery). Even today, the Church testifies to a great never-ending pilgrimage. Christians traveled to Jerusalem, Palestine and elsewhere - Asia Minor, Greece, Syria, Egypt, etc., Which were connected with the life and teaching / work of Jesus Christ and His apostles and saints pupils. To be spiritually mindful of these sacred places where God's holiness is manifested.
So in time form and other sacred places - new pilgrimage that are associated with manifestations of God's grace force: tombs of saints (martyrs, Reverend, etc.), Monasteries and temples, relics of saints, miraculous icons and more.
Pilgrimage represents striving for truth and existentiality, life in it; love of God (observing His law), love of the Mother of God, Virgin Mary, to angels, to saints, love of neighbor; i.e. an appropriate balance in the world with the Kingdom of God, which fruits are righteousness, peace and love.
The holy place is a source of grace spiritual content, where pilgrims are filled by his holiness, that changes in a positive direction that survive there.
Pilgrimage is a means of spiritual elevation and improvement, a possible improvement of life through the power of prayer and repentance (moral rectification).

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