News: Assumption of office the new abbot of the monastery - bishop Sioniy

                                                   Assumption of office the new abbot of the monastery - bishop Sioniy
              Today, 07.04.2019, on the Fourth Sunday of the Lent, the Sunday of  St John Climacus, officially assumption of office the new abbot of the monastery, Velichki Bishop Sioniy.

              To implement the decision of St. Synod of Bulgarian Orthodox Church, in the monastery arrived His Eminence Metropolitan of  the town of Stara Zagora Cyprian. The Divine Liturgy was served by Metropolitan Cyprian with participation of bishop Sioniy and of the bishop of Messembria Yakov, who resided in the monastery. In the feast of worship attended the monastery brothers and many clerics of the Stara Zagora bishopric. The monumental choir of the cathedral temple of Stara Zagora's Metropolitan Church - "St.Nikolai", led by Mrs. Koleva, filled the temple of the cloister with its marvelous singing.

              At the end of the divine service, His Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian, announced the decision of St. Synod, and bestowing on the Bishop Sioniy the abbot’s crosier, bestowing upon him the special grace of the day - the grace of St. John Climacus, who left us some of the most valuable guidance for spiritual salvation and monastic feats.
Bishop Sioni thanked for the high trust given to him by St. Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and personally by the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophit and declared that he would put "spirit and work" under the prayers of the Most Holy Mother of Christ and her Divine Son, and the blessing of her miraculous icon in the monastery, who chose to bless the Bachkovo monastery as a "pillar and affirmation" of Christ's truth and a step from the step-ladder to the heavenly salvation for all Orthodox Christians.

             Father Sionius also accepted the greetings of the many clerics, laymen and friends who came to participate in the worship service and express their wishes.











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The maintenance of the fund and the restoration of the many unique frescoes, inherited by the holy forefathers, could be quite costly and the monastery does not always manage to cover all the expenses. For this very reason, we turn for help to every Christian and to everyone who values the Bachkovo monastery, to contribute within their means and thus join our efforts.

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