News: Rite of renovation in the newly restored monastery church "All Saints"


On the day dedicated by the Holy Church of All Saints, in the Bachkovo monastery with a magnificent hierarchical service was performed the act of renovation of the eponymous chapel of the monastery. The service was led by His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Plovdiv in concelebration with the Abbot of the Velichki Monastery Bishop Sioniy, the visiting Bishop of Safed Dimitri, the Patriarchate of Antioch, the Bishop of Belogradchik Polycarp and the Bishop of Znepolis Arseniy and guests of the monastery. The service was announced by the church singing of visiting choirs from Plovdiv and Sofia dioceses under the expert guidance of Protopsalt Georgi Radev and music teacher Dr. Lyubomir Ignatov.
         At nine o'clock, the monastery bells announced the arrival of Metropolitan Nicholas, accompanied by his Vicar the Bishop of Znepol Arseniy. The guests were greeted at the entrance of the monastery by the abbot Sioniy, Bishop Demetrius and Bishop Polycarp. After worshiping the Bachkovo miraculous image of the Holy Mother of God, everyone went to the church "All Saints", where the solemn service began.
         The small church or chapel "All Saints" dates from the beginning of the seventeenth century, when it was built in the western part of the then restored South Wing of the monastery. Initially, it was probably intended for solitude and prayer of the abbots of the monastery, being located next to the abbess, and probably for those wishing to retire to solitude. It was later used as armor. Over time, however, it declined and was abandoned in an unenviable state - turned into a warehouse for obsolete things. In this form he was found by the newly appointed abbot of Bishop of Velich, Grandfather Zion, who in his zeal for Christ immediately decided to do everything necessary, but to return the original purpose of the temple. "Holy place, it does not stand empty", said the people and the Holy Spirit and the mother of Christ found a soul eager to dedicate their works to them in the person of Mrs. Tatiana Hadji Popova and Mark and Martin Popovi. Thanks to her generous support, the complete restoration of the temple became possible. For the removal of the temple from the "abomination of desolation" in the words of Mitr. Nikolay. It was necessary to carry out construction reinforcement at first, new plaster and a new floor, followed by a completely new painting, performed by the association "Zograf" in the person of Yordan Ivanov, Svetla Vasileva and brothers Todor and Nedyalko Zhekovi, woodcarving by the brothers Razhankovi , the church utensils and the chandeliers by Georgi Triadopoulos from Thessaloniki and the worship icons by Teresa Ilkova and two unique icons of the Dimchovski studio.
         In the course of the service, Mitr. Nicholas sprinkled holy water on the resurrected church, and at the end of the holy liturgy, His Eminence addressed the abbot, His Eminence Bishop Sioniy and all those present, giving them the blessing of the Bulgarian Patriarch and Metropolitan of Sofia Mr. Neophyte for the holiday and the special gratitude of the Holy Patriarch to the abbot Sioniy for his tireless works for the improvement of the Bachkovo and Troyan monasteries. Mitr. Nikolai also expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Popova for her Christian zeal in the restoration of churches and chapels, expressing his confidence that she had successfully turned her worldly prosperity into a treasure of heaven, "that a moth does not eat and a robber does not steal." God will undoubtedly give you, you and your family health and longevity, for your joy and for the joy of our holy church, to which you have returned this nest of consolation, faith and love, said Mitr. Николай.
         For his part, Bishop Sioniy thanked Mitr. Nikolai for the kind words and addressed a grateful address to Mrs. hadji Popova for her selfless help in the restoration of the temple, thus fulfilling the words of the caller in the desert "Make right the ways of the Lord" not only for herself but for all of us, who will again have the opportunity to address our prayers to the Lord God, surrounded by the newly created splendor. Grandfather Sioniy presented a cross for the blessing of Mrs. Hadji Popova, made by the aforementioned Georgi Triadopoulos.
         The day rich in spiritual joy ended with the traditional Orthodox greeting "Mnogaya leta" sung by all for the health of the donors and the glorification of Christ God!











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