News: Program for the worships during the Holy Week in Bachkovo

Holly Thursday
The Morning:
7`00ch. Home of worship.
             Midnight Office.
             Divine Liturgy of St.Basil the Great with Great Anointment.
The Evening:
17`00ch. Great povecherie.
20`00ch. Reading of twelve selections from the Gospels.
Holly Friday
The Morning:
7`00ch. Home of worship.
             The Hours of Holy Friday.
             Vespers with the removal of St.Plaschtanitsa (windung-sheet) of Christ.
The Evening:
17`00ch. Povecherie.
20`00ch. The burial of Christ.
Holly Saturday
The Morning:
7`00ch.   Vespers with Divine Liturgy of St.Basil the Great.
23`00ch. Home of the Passover Liturgy.
Easter Sunday
10`00ch. Second Sunday.
Monday of Bright Week
8`00ch. Home of the procession with Bachkovo miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary to Kluviyata (where the Icon was hidden and found).
17`00ch. Addressing the miraculous icon to the monastery.
The road to the monastery is cleared of landslide and anyone who wishes is welcome to worships and celebrations can take part in the procession with holy icons.

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The monastic fraternity constantly makes every endeavor to maintain the Cloister of the Holy Virgin at its best condition; this is the condition the cloister really deserves to be in, in order to welcome the thousands of pilgrims that visit it every year, truly beautifully and impress them.
The maintenance of the fund and the restoration of the many unique frescoes, inherited by the holy forefathers, could be quite costly and the monastery does not always manage to cover all the expenses. For this very reason, we turn for help to every Christian and to everyone who values the Bachkovo monastery, to contribute within their means and thus join our efforts.

Every charitable deed will be welcomed with honest gratitude and intercessory prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Mother for wellbeing and success of the contributor and their family.


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