The invisible and all-pervading Holy Spirit works in us and leads us imperceptibly and unwaveringly to the fulfillment of the deeds of glory and splendor pleasing to God and man for the establishment of faith and dedication, so that seeing what people have done, let us turn again to the Inspirer! And in this proven way of benevolence was carried out the restoration and complete gilding of the holy monstrance, donated to the Bachkovo monastery by the last autocrat of the Bulgarian state - Tsar Boris III.
Donors of the necessary gold and helpers in carrying out the necessary activities were KCM Plovdiv in the person of its CEO eng. Ivan Dobrev and his team!
The Abbot of the Bachkovo Holy Monastery, Bishop Sionii of Velich and honest brotherhood, express their deep and sincere gratitude for the generous support of the donors and pray to the Almighty God to endow them with health and good success in their businesses, for the benefit of the staff of KCM Plovdiv and their families and for the radiance of the faith of Christ in their hearts - a faithful guide in God's plans!

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Support us

The monastic fraternity constantly makes every endeavor to maintain the Cloister of the Holy Virgin at its best condition; this is the condition the cloister really deserves to be in, in order to welcome the thousands of pilgrims that visit it every year, truly beautifully and impress them.
The maintenance of the fund and the restoration of the many unique frescoes, inherited by the holy forefathers, could be quite costly and the monastery does not always manage to cover all the expenses. For this very reason, we turn for help to every Christian and to everyone who values the Bachkovo monastery, to contribute within their means and thus join our efforts.

Every charitable deed will be welcomed with honest gratitude and intercessory prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Mother for wellbeing and success of the contributor and their family.


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